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Rewriting staff progression and recruitment

Dozens of business leaders and sector experts attended an event to learn more about the 21C Initiative, which aims to deliver major change across Northumberland’s employment landscape.


Business leaders have added their support to a pioneering employment programme.

The 21C Initiative (21st Century Workforce Development For Northumberland) aims to rewrite routes for staff progression and recruitment across the county. And a number of senior figures attended a recent Alnwick Castle event to back the endeavour.

Working with partners across multiple areas, including business, education, the third sector and local government, the venture is focused on building a sustainable employer community.

Backed by delivery partners including Northumberland College, Opportunity Global, John D Leighton Training and Northumbria University, it has created a blueprint to help organisations access skilled personnel for existing operations, build frameworks to mould talent for the advances of tomorrow and return some of the county’s 10,000 economically inactive people that are wanting to get back to work.

Central to its focus are collaborative moves such as leadership development programmes and shared graduate and apprentice training schemes, as well as cross-business mentoring, secondments and school engagements, to drive an all-encompassing learning and development environment.

Caroline Theobald, Northumbria University visiting professor and member of the 21C Initiative steering group, said: “It was great to have so many people come along and learn more about the programme.

“It has great potential to make a real difference to Northumberland’s employer community.”

November 10, 2023

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