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RICS Matrics appoints Samantha Curtis as Chair

Samantha Curtis, Senior Planner at Lambert Smith Hampton, Newcastle, has been appointed as the new Chair of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Matrics in the North East.

The RICS Matrics (formerly the RICS Junior Organisation) has been around for over 125 years and has provided networking opportunities at a local, regional and national level, helping to organise business and social events, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) seminar’s and publications for members.

RICS Matrics was created to provide a support network for its members, enabling them to grow and influence the wider Surveying profession.

Sam has been involved with the RICS Matrics for over six years, and takes over from Puneet Vedhera who successfully chaired the committee since 2016. Her role will be to help support young surveyors coming into the industry and raise the profile of profession.

Following her appointment as chair, Sam intends to focus on improving the diversity of the profession, by continuing her work with local schools and colleges to encourage more young women and underrepresented groups to consider a career in Surveying.

“Not all surveyors are middle aged men as the stereotype might suggest, I would like to change this perception by educating people on what an inclusive career it can be,” says Samantha.

Ms Curtis is also co-chair of the North East’s National Association of Women in Constriction (NAWIC) board.