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Rockliffe Hall announces new wellbeing manager

Peter Bell has been appointed Rockliffe Hall’s new wellbeing manager. With experience practising as a Sports Therapist for 12 years, Peter has worked as a fitness coordinator and fitness manager during his 11 years at the hotel.

Having gained a wealth of experience over the last 25 years promoting health and wellbeing strategies in the health and fitness industry, Peter’s aim as Wellbeing Manager is to develop the ultimate wellbeing framework at Rockliffe Hall, which reaches out to a wide spectrum of individuals wellbeing needs. The initiatives will be for all, from team members, and golf & spa members, to residents, guests, the local community and corporate companies.

Peter describes wellbeing as “not about being capable of running a marathon, or gaining a six pack, it is the state of being in optimal mental and physical health with the absence of disease and musculoskeletal dysfunction” and comments the government with regards to having identified motivating people to move more, eat healthy and look after their mental health as a social responsibility.

Peter thrives on researching and updating his knowledge on current wellbeing strategies, mental health awareness and helping educate a broad range of people with regards to their wellbeing needs as he believes this is the most neglected facet of health and wellness promotion.

With this in mind, Peter Bell has created three new day retreats, launching in September 2021, each with the aim of achieving a sense of contentment, invigoration and relief from stress.