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Sedgefield’s Kromek Group secures near £5 million Government deal

A technology firm behind apparatus aimed at foiling terror plots has secured a near £5 million Government contract.

Kromek Group is supplying “biological threat detection systems” to help UK security services in a three-year deal.

The agreement, worth £4.9 million, will begin in December, with NETPark-based Kromek revealing it includes an option for extended maintenance services.

The Sedgefield firm is known for its wearable nuclear radiation detector kits, which are used by security forces to identify ‘dirty bombs’.

Its technology is also used in the medical sector to conduct bone analysis.

Referring to its Government deal, Dr Arnab Basu, chief executive, said: “We are delighted to have been awarded this contract to develop and supply an important capability for biological threat detection.

“The pandemic has demonstrated the impact of biological incidents – whether it is through an act of terror or naturally emerging threats.

“Governments throughout the world are reviewing their strategies to update their defence against such threats.

“We believe technologies that can provide information about emerging threats in near real time will be a critical component of such strategies.”