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Setting the Styled standard for hospitality

When the call came to transform the hospitality spaces at Middlesbrough Football Club, Styled Interior Design rose to the challenge. And the results are top of the league! 


Styled Interior Design has played a pivotal role in the recent refurbishment of the Riverside Stadium, breathing new life into hospitality rooms. 

Their partnership with WOODSmith Construction Group was crucial to the project’s resounding success. 

WOODSmith’s construction expertise and project management, aligned with Styled’s creative vision, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. 

The collaboration, which combined creative design with dedicated craftsmanship, has yielded exceptional results.

Styled’s journey began by recognising the task at hand was not just about redesigning a physical space; it was about transforming an emotional space, one where die-hard fans and newcomers alike could revel in Middlesbrough Football Club’s storied history and look forward to a future that is brighter than ever.

Here, we explore each of the spaces in detail.

The Archery

In the heart of Middlesbrough Football Club lies The Archery, a wonderfully redesigned suite that seamlessly blends the club’s illustrious history with the enduring glamour reminiscent of old Hollywood. 

This exclusive space pays homage to the club’s past while providing an inviting haven for matchday enthusiasts and events alike. 

Central to The Archery is a unique curved bar, which combines luxury and exclusivity. 

The bar was thoughtfully designed to accommodate the rush on matchdays while still providing a welcoming atmosphere on non-game days. 

Elements throughout pay homage to Albert Park, the club’s former playing ground. 

These subtle historical references not only connect visitors to the club’s past but also add depth and character to the overall ambiance. 

The result is a captivating space that beautifully captures the history of Middlesbrough Football Club while infusing it with the charm of old Hollywood glamour. 

Legends Lounge

The Legends Lounge is a space that marries industrial charm with contemporary functionality, custom-designed to cater to a diverse range of football enthusiasts. 

This results in a venue that merges the relaxed ambiance of a lounge with the rugged appeal of industrial aesthetics.

Fundamentally, the design principle is adaptability. 

The centrepiece is a custom self-serve bar, which is brilliantly illuminated with custom LED lighting. 

This, and the movable food stations, seamlessly cater to the excitement of matchdays and the needs of non-match events. 

The design also pays homage to Teesside’s industrial heritage, proudly incorporating steel-inspired motifs, metal grate ceiling tiles, concrete-style table tops and subdued red tones, which subtly echo the club’s colours. 

Fenton Club

Finally, we arrive at the Fenton Club, where refined relaxation and timeless elegance reign supreme.

This club pays tribute to the legendary Micky Fenton, an iconic England player and Middlesbrough Football Club legend, while embracing the sophistication of gentlemen’s clubs.

Thoughtfully added decorative panels elevate the room’s aesthetic with a polished and tasteful appearance, and the incorporation of bronze antique-style radiators provides both functional heating and a charming aesthetic element, contributing to the refined atmosphere.

Styled secured the renovation work following the success of the Styled Suite, which the interior design team completed in 2022. 

It has not only created an undeniable aesthetic appeal upon the space, but has also yielded tangible commercial outcomes for Middlesbrough Football Club, with occupancy rates surging in the 2022/23 season compared to the previous year. 

Noteworthy statistics include a 27 per cent increase in Styled Suite revenue, a 36 per cent increase in season card sales for the Styled Suite, a ten per cent increase in the number of Styled Suite guests, and a 58 per cent increase in bar sales within the Styled Suite. 

These figures reflect the dynamic growth and appeal that improved hospitality areas bring to the fan experience and the football club itself.

The transformed hospitality spaces at Middlesbrough Football Club epitomise Styled Interior Design’s remarkable creativity. 

They have seamlessly blended history, functionality and luxury to create spaces that cater to the varied preferences of football fans and event attendees alike. 

Whether it’s the old Hollywood glamour of The Archery, the industrial chic of the Legends Lounge, or the timeless appeal of the Fenton Club, these areas offer a fresh and stylish perspective on enjoying the beautiful game.