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Software firm brings the music back

A North East software developer has helped a local music charity create a way to share live music – despite lockdown.

Sapere Software, which is based in Stockton, was approached by Tees Music Alliance (TMA) after Covid-19 restrictions forced it to put a stop to its live events, which provide the organisation with its main source of income.

With commercially available options being too expensive, the team at TMA were looking for a cost-effective solution to allow them to share concerts safely, without the need for costly equipment or running costs.

Paul Drake, operations director at Sapere, said: “The physical aspect of the solution uses an innovative streaming camera with 150-degree viewing angle, combined with software to give the illusion of different camera angles.

“The secure signup and management of tickets and payments is managed through a bespoke platform that we designed and built, which integrates all the elements, providing a seamless, secure, cost-effective solution.

“It’s early days, but this will enable them to stream live music to paying customers and generate much-needed revenue for the business.”

Paul added that, while the Sapere team have been working in the Tees Valley for more than a decade, this was the first time they have worked with a music venue – and they relished the challenge.

He said: “We hadn’t worked with TMA before, and to be honest, we probably never would have if it hadn’t been for lockdown.

“It was exciting to learn about a completely new field; bespoke software is pretty universal, but we’ve never worked in the music industry before.

“It was also very satisfying to create a unique, cost-effective solution for a not-for-profit organisation that is simply looking to boost the music community.”

TMA received funding from a range of sources to bring the project to life, and directors are delighted with the results.

Paul Burns, chief executive of Tees Music Alliance, said: “It’s clear that the Sapere team know their stuff, and they had a very reassuring way of translating our vision into something that did exactly what we wanted.

“They have created a service that has given us something tangible and – dare we say – exciting to focus on throughout some very dark days.

“It probably wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the pandemic, as it’s a solution to help tackle reduced, socially-distanced audience numbers. Before Covid, the priority was getting people packed into a room together. We don’t yet know how keen people will be to return to those days; but this is a way of adding to our numbers in a safe way.

“What’s more, if shows start to get back to selling to our maximum capacity, then the pay-per-view is a great way to increase numbers and allow audiences to see our shows from anywhere in the world.”

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