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South Tyneside Council launches COVID-19 business blog

South Tyneside Council has joined a growing number of regional organisations in launching a digital blog aimed at connecting businesses affected by COVID-19 to practice advice from a range of specialists.

The blog series includes topics such as IT for home-working, advice on supporting employee mental health and wellbeing, public relations post-COVID-19, how to get more leads to your website and how to build trust.

Contributors include ITC Digital, HR Department, Bradley O’Mahoney, Urban River Creative and entrepreneur Ian Farrar.

The blog is hosted on the South Tyneside website and forms part of the ongoing support being provided by the Council to help firms access grants and financial aid during the coronavirus pandemic.

Councillor Iain Malcolm, leader of South Tyneside Council, said: “Businesses are currently facing and overcoming immense challenges.

“The team at the hub has been doing all they can to provide local firms with the advice and targeted support they need to continue to operate in these difficult times.

“By connecting businesses owners, leaders and managers with practical advice and specialists from within the South Tyneside business community, we are equipping them with actionable knowledge to support their businesses through this period and beyond while at the same time putting them in touch with experts in the borough.”

The council has already paid out more than £21 million in financial support and grants to businesses struggling because of the coronavirus.