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Telecoms specialist taps into digital revolution in construction

Telecoms entrepreneur, Simon Dronfield who runs Fuse Telecom, has set up Fuse Connect to tap into the opportunities presented by the digital revolution in construction.

The company, which provides 4G data using dedicated routers and specially configured hardware, says most locations in the UK can be fully operational within 48 hours, without the need for mains power on site.

Simon Dronfield, director at Fuse Connect explains: “We believe a gap has opened in the market to supply construction and remote sites with fast data connections using 4G, since many companies are moving to hosted solutions requiring faster symmetrical data connections. 4G deployment also avoids the lengthy delays often associated with more traditional line methods.

Our solution is highly mobile and can be moved to different locations as the site is developed.  It also provides cost certainty from the outset to help estimators, quantity surveyors and the commercial team determine preliminary costs for data connections on any new construction development. Something which to date has been very difficult to establish.”

Dronfield, who also co-founded IDN Telecom PLC, which successfully floated on AIM in 2000 and was sold to Redstone Telecom in 2007, says he is looking to recruit two new members of staff including an IT graduate and an apprentice.

He added: “One of the key benefits to our service is that once we have set up the data connectivity on site, we provide full IT support to manage and track data usage and user access. In order to maintain this high level of service we are looking to make two new appointments.”

Fuse Connect has already secured a contract with North East construction company, Metnor Construction Ltd, recent winners of Company of the Year at the Northumberland & Tyneside awards, to supply remote data connections to seven of its constructions sites across the UK.

David Laidlaw, commercial manager at Metnor Construction said: “Previously our site staff have been left isolated with poor connections and have had to rely on dongles for connecting to the internet.

The Fuse solution is simple and very effective, they understand our needs and can adapt the service to each different site to get the best possible results.  It allows us to access current project information needed via cloud technologies, facilitating fast and efficient communications with staff on site, which is fantastic.”

The firm is also looking to build a client-base in TV & film production, as well as targeting large-scale events and festivals.

It has recently worked with Ninth Floor UK Productions Ltd to provide data connectivity for its film set in Wales, where it has been filming a new American TV drama, Will, based on the life of William Shakespeare.