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Top businessman gives Middlesbrough College students the Power of Three

Ammar – who combines business with charity and also finds time to run a radio show – has studied the behaviours of some of the world’s most famous people to develop his Power of Three approach.

He spoke on Wednesday March 1 as part of Enterprise Week at the College to help others to make it work for them.

Ammar said he was excited about the Enterprise Week activities – which include a pop-up business event – and about encouraging young people to be more entrepreneurial.

“As a business person and a supporter of the North East, I think it’s critical for colleges like Middlesbrough and other educational institutions to connect directly with business,” he said.

“Enterprise Week is fantastic. It brings to the attention of the students the importance not only of business but also of having ambition and aspirations.”

Ammar was recognised in the Queen’s Birthday List in 2014 for his tireless contribution to business and community life in the region.

Starting as a call centre manager, he has built a strong business and property portfolio, and is the owner and managing director of business development, leadership and management consultancy AmmarM.

Ammar is also patron of the Charlie Bear for Cancer charity fund and the founder and chairman of Asian Business Connexions, a social enterprise that connects and promotes the Asian and wider business communities.

He’s also the co-host of a weekly two-hour radio business show on Spice FM broadcast from Newcastle.

Ammar has been developing his Power of Three approach for several years. It takes an innovative look at three principles – Communicate, Collaborate and Celebrate.

“It’s a methodology that you can apply both to your personal life and your professional life,” he explained.

“My interactive talk focused on getting students to understand the importance of having a goal and working towards it. I’ll also be sharing some business secrets.”

Zoe Lewis, principal and chief executive of Middlesbrough College, said it was a unique opportunity for students to get a better understanding of entrepreneurship.

“We strongly agree with Ammar that it’s crucial for colleges to develop strong links with business and industry that can give their students a real edge when it comes to skills development and future employment opportunities,” she said.

“We’re honoured to have such a prestigious North East businessman and community-minded person as Ammar to speak here – his talk was inspirational.”