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Top turnout at virtual employment law roadshows

Muckle LLP, an independent North East law firm, has just completed its first virtual employment law roadshow series.

Around 400 attendees participated in the interactive digital sessions, which are all now available to download for free, in case you missed out.

The Newcastle based law firm held five webinars covering a range of topical issues facing employers, including diversity and inclusion, migrant workers and, of course, COVID-19.

The future of employment law

The last session, led by Muckle employment lawyers Chris Maddock, Amy Sergison and Lisa Kelly, covered the future of employment law and how COVID-19 has added to the pace of change.

Chris Maddock, partner and head of Muckle LLP’s employment team, said: “We hold these roadshows every year and usually travel around the region delivering interactive discussions with employers and HR professionals in person.

“Obviously it’s not been possible to do that this year, but we’ve been delighted with the response to our virtual events.”

Answering the region’s employer questions

“We took straw polls on a variety of topics throughout the shows and use of the digital platform and the variety of questions from the audience has been fascinating.

“Our final session raises some really interesting points about the future world of work and how COVID-19 has expedited developments in work arrangements and workplace culture. Brexit also has some major implications for employers in the immediate future in relation to the changes to immigration practice.

“Looking further ahead, we discussed what additional developments might we see. We considered the importance of diversity and inclusion to the long term success of businesses.  We also considered questions such as whether a four-day working week for all is on the horizon and what influence will sustainability and environmental concerns have on employment relationships?

“We’ve explored a lot of issues that will be helpful for employers to consider and hopefully we’ve left people with some practical tips they can take away and incorporate into their organisation’s future plans.”

Stream the series

There are five webinars from Muckle LLP’s virtual employment roadshow to choose from:

  1. Responses to the COVID19 pandemic and where is employment law and practice now?
  2. What’s new in employment law? The key legislation and case developments and what to look out for in the future
  3. Employing migrant workers: what employers need to know about the changing landscape of immigration law
  4. Build Back Better: An opportunity to rethink how we approach diversity and inclusion in the region
  5. The future of work and employment law post the pandemic

The entire series is available to download – click here to catch up