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TransPennine Express cancel more services to the North East throughout January

The rail operator Transpennine Express has announced the cancellation of a large number of services to and from the North East throughout January.

The news comes after several weeks of cancellations during December, which the company puts down to maintenance and infrastructure issues.

Local councillors from the North East Joint Transport Committee have criticised Transpennine Express for reducing its timetabled services to and from the region, a move which the operator itself admits is “not acceptable.”

Councillor Carl Marshall represents the North East at the Transport for the North committee which oversees delivery of rail services across the North.

He said: “Transpennine Express were supposed to be introducing new rolling stock by now, but instead they are cancelling a large number of services.

“They have had months to prepare for this and they gave us assurance after assurance that it would be seamless.

“Passengers in the North East have been let down repeatedly by rail services over the past few years, and this feels like a further kick in the teeth.”