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UTS Group is safeguarding the water industry amid COVID-19 crisis

The emergency response team at a Jarrow-based supplier and service provider to the water industry is stepping up at this time of national crisis to safeguard the UK’s water infrastructure.

UTS Group responds, on average, to around 30 serious incidents every week and the company is prepared to answer the demands of clients in the water industry if and when there is a loss of water supply.

Established in 2001 on Bede Industrial Estate in Jarrow, UTS Group now employs approximately 200 people.

The company, which describes itself as an essential emergency service to the water industry, says it will draw on experience of both its staff and of the many challenges it has faced over the years in the most demanding environments.

Managing director, Shaun Sadler, said: “At the moment we have to take this responsibility to a different level for we are, as a country, akin to being on a war-footing.

“That means we have to support our critical water industry at a time when there are so many vulnerable and worried people isolating in their homes as a result of COVID-19, when our NHS is trying its very best to cope with unparalleled demand and other essential businesses need to be battle-ready and fit-for-purpose.

“Our message to them all is that we are with you every step of the way.

“Securing water supply throughout the country is an absolute necessity and whilst we are always ready to meet an emergency, we are especially prepared at this time, with additional operational contingency plans in place, as per government advice.

“We know the important role we play and as a company we also recognise that our number one priority is the safety and protection of our staff and in that respect, we have taken all precautions and followed official guidance.

“I am more than aware that this virus has the potential to impact on us all and for that reason we place utmost priority on looking after our team. This includes constant communication about health and ensuring we have every safeguard in place, so they are well looked after as the key workers they are.”

As a dedicated engineering company, UTS’ customers are in the utility, industrial and commercial markets, where the firm provides a vast range of couplings, flange adapters and repair clamps for customers in the UK and export markets.

UTS aims to provide a 24-hour, 365-days a year emergency service anywhere in the UK and can turn emergency jobs with 8 to 24 hours.