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Wall building for the future as GiveToLocal plots further growth

Ambitious sport organisation GiveToLocal has made a key move ahead of a busy 2021 as it seeks to streamline its processes in order to scale up its system of support for clubs throughout the UK.

Internal engagement manager Scott Wall has been promoted to head of process and compliance as the Tyneside-based service aims to enhance its overall user experience.

And the appointment reflects GiveToLocal’s determination to broaden its reach across the fundraising sector following last month’s decision to go fee free.

“I’ve been involved in the processes that underpin GiveToLocal from an early stage and now it’s about refining those processes and improving things where we can,” explains Scott.

“It’s good when things are working well and when everything is ticking over but when you get five minutes to sit back and take stock it’s often the case that you realise things can be improved.

“The staff who have joined the team this year have quite rightly questioned some of our processes and offered opinions on what could be done to streamline what we do. I love that.

“There’s always an answer to why we do things in a certain way but there’s also a conversation to be had about how we can improve. I encourage that dialogue and it’s healthy to have that in any organisation.

“It’s all about ensuring that the clubs we work with get the right support offered in the right way. If we can improve our processes to improve the overall user experience then we’re making progress.”

Scott’s previous role, managing a team focused on onboarding clubs, verifying affiliations and liaising with governing bodies has been key to GiveToLocal’s rapid progress throughout 2020.

And his experience of refining and revising the processes underpinning a comprehensive and responsive service make him the ideal candidate to drive positive change throughout 2021.

“We’ve got big plans for next year and we intend to expand across all areas of the organisation,” adds GiveToLocal CEO Neil Gardiner.

“We are always learning and I’m certain we can achieve so much more if we are open to embracing change and, where necessary, restructuring different parts of our service to make us even more efficient and agile.

“In order to deliver as big an impact as possible it’s important to develop the key processes that drive what we do.

“Scott has played a key role in defining those processes and he’ll be working with all of our heads of department to implement quality control across the organisation.

“We want to make sure that all of our efforts and energies are aligned to achieve the best outcome possible for community sport clubs.

“Scott has demonstrated from the outset that his attention to detail is superb. This, coupled with a keen focus on delivering outcomes while keeping our clubs and our partners at the core of our decision-making, is what gives me great confidence in the impact he will have in this new role.”

Scott is relishing the opportunity to play a more pivotal role as GiveToLocal prepares for the post-Covid era and the full return of community sport with confidence.

And he anticipates positive progress throughout 2021 as a fast-expanding service bids to maintain its momentum.

“I’m looking forward to working alongside the other heads of department to ensure we’re all moving in the right direction,” adds Scott.

“I think that will be one of the easier aspects of my new role. I’m surrounded by a great team and by people with ideas. That’s what I want.

“If somebody isn’t sure about a particular process it’s fantastic to know that they’ll bring another option to the table and our management team is encouraged to do that.

“I imagine 2021 will be another very busy year for GiveToLocal but in a different way.

“We’ve done a lot of learning this year, working with large number of people and high volumes of data. That has enabled us to understand what works and what doesn’t in terms of maximising the support we offer to clubs.

“Of course, the pandemic has restricted some of what we had hoped to do but I’m optimistic that we’ll be in a better position in that respect by the spring.

“We’ll implement the lessons that we’ve learnt and take some significant steps forward in the New Year. Watch this space!”


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