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Watford FC shooting towards greener goals thanks to ClearVUE support

An energy management consultancy is providing help to ensure a professional football club hits new environmental goals.

ClearVUE is working with Watford FC.

The Gateshead-based business will conduct a full audit of the club’s carbon emissions, which bosses say will develop and action a net-zero roadmap for the next decade.

Dan Smith, ClearVUE’s director of energy services, said: “Our mission is to provoke and inspire change for the better by enabling businesses – through our technology – to understand how their operations and behaviour affect the climate.

“By enabling businesses to understand exactly how, where, and when they are emitting carbon, they can begin to address their impact on our planet.”

As well as offering technology that provides businesses with a consumption, carbon monitoring and accounting platform, ClearVUE also delivers audits, energy efficiency training, energy management, climate risk assessments and support around emissions reporting legislation.

Praising its expertise, Paul O’Brien, Watford FC’s commercial director, said: “Our hope is that one day, when people look back at history, it is our generation they will credit for pioneering the transformation towards a greener, cleaner and more sustainable planet.

“And we firmly believe our partnership with ClearVUE will allow us to do our part in tackling the climate crisis, leaving the world a better place for future generations.”

Tarang Panchal, the club’s head of procurement and sustainability, added: “The road to net-zero, without a knowledgeable partner, would be an insurmountable task.

“But with ClearVUE, we are confident we have the right partner to help us drive towards our longer-term objectives.”