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100,000 shakes sold for Youth Sports Nutrition

A Newcastle-based nutrition company is celebrating after hitting over 100,000 servings sold of their sports recovery shake.

Youth Sport Nutrition (YSN) launched back in 2015 with the aim of helping young athletes recover and refuel in the right way after exercising.

The business was started by two Northumbria University graduates who, after some market research, identified that there were no nutritional supplements specifically tailored to youth athletes.

They then developed PRO-TEEN as a mass-market alternative to supplements for adults. The protein shake comes in a range of flavours and has been tried and tested to ensure athletes get the best when it comes to refuelling after a competition or training session.

Lou Matera, CEO of Youth Sport Nutrition, said: “We’re delighted to see so many customers have chosen us as their nutritional partner on their sporting journey.

“Our objective is to inform and raise awareness for parents, individuals and coaches around correct nutrition for youth athletes, ensuring we’re supporting the demands of competing at an elite level while encouraging increased participation, longevity and success in sport.

“This is notable, but albeit early, milestone in our goal to educate and help refuel as many young athletes as possible, both in the North East and beyond.”

Youth Sport Nutrition also have partnerships with sports clubs and colleges such as Sunderland College and Gateshead College and City of Sunderland and Durham City swimming clubs.

Ben Jefferson, director at YSN, adds: “The marketing and mass media representations of overly muscular physiques or very skinny models pose a huge problem for adolescent athletes, parents and professional sporting academies.

“We strive to help players, parents and coaches to make better informed, responsible decisions regarding performance nutrition and lifestyle – all tailored to their academy sport, level and age groups.”