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MOTs extended by six months for motorists across the UK

In order to prevent further spread of the coronavirus, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has today (April 8) extended MOT expiry dates due on or after March 30 by six months.

The extension has been brought about both to prevent transmission of COVID-19 and also to ensure that motorists who cannot work from home or need to do essential shopping can continue to use their cars, vans and motorcycles in the short term.

The DVSA has made clear that while MOTs have been extended, vehicles must be kept in a roadworthy condition and has published guidance on how to check your vehicle and rules you need to follow when maintaining it.

Drivers can still be prosecuted if they are found to be driving an unsafe vehicle and must make every effort to get repairs done at the nearest open garage.

Garages are allowed to stay open during the coronavirus outbreak, but many have understandably closed or are operating at a reduced capacity as a result of the epidemic.

The six-month extension will be applied to MOTs automatically and will be updated just before original MOT dates are due to expire.

Motorists can check to see if their MOT expiry date has been extended via the Government website and should email [email protected] in the event that the extension hasn’t been applied.

For further information on the changes, visit: