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Oatein launches in 830 Aldi stores nationwide

North Tyneside based protein snack brand Oatein is celebrating after successfully launching their vegan ‘millionaire crunch’ product in supermarket retailer, Aldi.

The protein snack bar will be available in Aldi’s 830 stores UK-wide, as part of their Veganuary campaign wherein Aldi has created a dedicated section of their stores devoted to vegan foods.

Becoming an Aldi supplier is the latest highlight for Oatein, who has experienced impressive growth since appearing on the BBC’s Dragons Den at the beginning of 2019.

Company founders Andy Dixon and John-Paul Gardner won £50,000 from Peter Jones on the show and were inspired to create the ‘millionaire crunch’ after discussing the industry’s move towards veganism with Deborah Meaden.

The ‘millionaire crunch’ is a gluten-free and zero-sugar twist on the traditional millionaire’s shortbread, containing 15 grams of protein and being suitable for vegans.

Each 58-gram bar is made with rich chocolate, caramel, crunchy protein and low GI oats.

The ‘millionaire crunch’ also provides the benefits of complex carbs, fibre and additional protein needed to maintain a balanced diet.

John Paul-Gardner, director at Oatein, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for Oatein and is part of the next step of growth for our brand. As one of the fastest growing high protein snack brands in the UK, this couldn’t come at a better time.”