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Property portal launched with international portfolio

A new property portal has launched to provide services for both estate agents and home buyers on an international scale.

Propuno works with a limited number of estate agents marketing properties for free as well as providing other marketing services.

The platform aims to market properties ranging from £150,000 to £35 million in different locations across Europe.

Based in Teesside, Propuno is powered by Hartlepool software development and digital marketing company, Property Webmaster.

Jamie Arthur, founder of Property Webmasters, said: “We have launched Propuno not only as a fantastic marketing solution to reputable estate agents worldwide but also to provide property buyers the chance to work with ethical, professional and trustworthy estate agents in the UK and overseas.”

Propuno’s current listings include properties across Europe including France, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain and here in the UK.

The company’s aim is to reach further destinations across the world, building on the success of its European network.

Luke Fleming, digital marketing manager at Propuno, said: “We understand that customers have reservations about which estate agents to deal with, for that reason we wanted to ensure we work only with reputable estate agents who are providing the highest quality service in their specific areas around the world.

“Drawing upon our marketing and website expertise, we advertise and list our clients’ properties for free on their behalf, this allows us to focus on our strengths whilst also freeing up more time for our agents to focus on what they’re best at.

“We have introduced a revenue-share model where we receive a commission on any resulting sale, we don’t profit unless our agents do.”