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Quality Hospital Solutions expands commercialisation of the Beverage Trolley

Quality Hospital Solutions (QHS), an highly innovative, problem-solving healthcare supplier, has taken a significant step forward in the commercialisation of the Beverage Trolley by handing over sole responsibility for all sales and marketing activities, to their long-standing healthcare marketing communications agency, Onyx Health.

The Beverage Trolley was originally developed in partnership with Sunderland City Hospitals and QHS to provide an effective and practical solution to meet patient hydration needs. Since then, numerous hospital trusts have adopted the Beverage Trolley, finding that their tea round has been totally transformed by offering a warm beverage at the patient’s bedside, made to their individual preferences.

QHS has since expanded the use of the Beverage Trolley to call centres and large headquarter offices, such as BET365 and Wren Kitchens who both wanted to improve catering efficiencies and provide staff with quality hot beverages at their desk.

“For us to also manage the sales of the Beverage Trolley is a natural progression as most of our marketing activity is around lead generation, so we are now closing the loop,” explains Karen Winterhalter, Managing Director at Onyx Health.

The Beverage Trolley is unique in that it has a built-in double-skinned 10 litre boiler, which keeps water hot for up to 40 minutes, with dispensers for individual servings of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, allowing the operator to make drinks at an individual’s bedside or desk, exactly how they want it to be made.

As well as improving catering efficiencies the big advantage of working with QHS that the company will work closely with businesses; understanding their requirements and assessing staff catering needs to develop efficient, tailored Beverage Trolleys.

If you would like to know more about the Beverage Trolley, visit the website or contact 0191 640 3638 or [email protected].