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Water Company shows true colours by helping to spread joy

Northumbrian Water is celebrating National Find a Rainbow Day by expanding its free online educational resources.

National Find a Rainbow Day is celebrated every year on April 3 to encourage people to look to the sky to find a colourful ray of hope cast across it.

It is particularly prevalent this year as many homes and businesses have put pictures of rainbows in their windows in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The North East water company is expanding its online educational activities to help youngsters learn about how rainbows are formed by water droplets and adding to the extensive range of learning-based activities on its website.

The new learning will include fun, educational rainbow activities including experiments for all the family on how to grow your own rainbow, a word search and a colouring-in water cycle with a rainbow poster.

Sophie Carvin, academy manager at Northumbrian Water Group, said: “We hope adding some online educational resources will help give parents and children a positive distraction during COVID-19.

“We are really proud we can play our part in spreading some joy across our communities with our rainbow-themed activities, during this challenging time for everyone.

“Our new activities, which are free to use and download, will add to other activities already on the website. These activities, adopted by many schools, include learning about the water cycle, water treatment and water saving; as well as taking part in exercises, experiments and much more! They are certainly well worth a look.”

For more information about Northumbrian Water’s online rainbow-themed activities, visit