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Eight courses of excellence: A trip to Mantra Thai

The ultimate taste of Thailand has arrived in Newcastle, thanks to Mantra Thai’s unveiling of a delectable eight-course tasting menu.

As a welcome retreat on a cold March evening, we were kindly invited along to try it for ourselves.

Overlooking the iconic Quayside, Mantra Thai has been a staple restaurant on Newcastle’s Forth Banks for many years.

And now it is offering diners a unique culinary experience, with a new ‘Journey to Thailand’ tasting menu.

The menu celebrates traditional Thai ingredients and cooking techniques crafted by the restaurant’s expert chefs, who, collectively, have more than 30 years’ experience.

Each dish is thoughtfully curated to showcase the distinct regional influences and culinary heritage that define Thai cuisine.

As soon as we arrived, we were warmly welcomed and taken to our table.

Soaking in the atmosphere, and admiring the elegant décor, we were served drinks and perused our menu for the evening.



The eight courses consisted of:


Tom Kha Hua Hin Seafood Bisque

Samui Sunrise Salmon


Tamarind-Kissed Duck à la Phetchabun

A Taste of Thaification: Pad Ka Prao

Ayutthaya Fusion Cuisine: Hor Mok

Timeless Taste of Rattanakosin: Massaman


Tricultural Sweet Symphony: Khanom Thuai Foi Thong

Worlds Unite: A Symphony of Vanilla, from East to West



Our ‘Journey to Thailand’ began with the starters.

With a beautiful combination of the creamy, coconutty bisque and the spicy, yet incredibly fresh, salmon, it was the perfect start to our evening.

Moving to the mains, each course was unique, and the flavours were intense without being overbearing. We savoured each mouthful.

Finally, the desserts ensured we ended our evening on a high, with a rich, yet refreshing, duo of sweets, which made our last stop on our ‘Journey to Thailand’ one to remember.

Every course had a rich story behind it, each thoughtfully explained by restaurant owner Jeab Prapunwong.

From flavours inspired by the ocean to a sentimental homage to Jeab’s hometown of Hua Hin, the specially curated menu highlighted the heart, soul and pure craftsmanship of Mantra Thai’s expert chefs.

With full, satisfied bellies, and a smile on our faces, we left Mantra Thai raving about the delicious meal we had just enjoyed.

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or a culinary novice, it’s the perfect treat for any taste.


Mantra Thai is excited to announce a special price promotion for its ‘Journey to Thailand’ tasting menu, which features a generous 15 per cent discount for North East Times readers.  

Please ensure you state this offer when dining at Mantra Thai.


Mantra Thai’s ‘Journey to Thailand’ tasting menu is available every Tuesday and Thursday.

The menu will be refreshed every four months, with the current menu ending in April.

For more information, visit



March 15, 2024

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Created by Kate Hewison