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Five ways financial advice can help you and your business

Let’s face it – running a business is tough.

And juggling the multitude of responsibilities that come with it demands more than just your time.

As owners navigate the complexities of running a successful business, there’s one resource that can make your life that little bit easier – financial advice.

Whether you’re an up-and-coming innovator or a seasoned entrepreneur, partnering with a reputable financial advisor is a crucial step in amplifying your business’ potential.

Financial advice does what it says on the tin.

It’s the act of providing clear guidance, based on the financial situation of a business or individual, that helps them make informed decisions about structuring and managing their money.

And here at Raymond James, Monument, such service is our speciality.

Through a deeply personalised approach, we deliver advice tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of businesses and individuals – as well as families, trusts and charities – across the North East, the Scottish Borders, North Yorkshire, the Lake District and beyond.

This support addresses many things, not least one of the first questions you may be thinking about financial management – ‘do I need advice?’

Unfortunately, given the differing circumstances of every situation, there is no straightforward yes or no answer.

But in a world of such constant change, being prepared for all eventualities is crucial.

Against that backdrop, here are five ways financial advice can help you and your business:


  • Pictured, from left to right, are Gary Fawcett, branch principal and Chartered wealth manager – investments; Alison Hedley, trainee wealth manager; Jason Ryan, senior investment assistant; James Carrick, Chartered wealth manager – investments; Rob Brotherton, Chartered wealth manager – financial planning; and Michael Rankin, Chartered wealth manager – investments


Tax planning and efficiency

Tax planning involves working with a financial planner to organise assets and increase tax efficiency. For business owners, financial planners provide guidance on structure and benefits to help reduce tax, all while remaining compliant. Financial planners’ expertise hopefully simplifies the tax system for business owners, aiming to help deliver better financial outcomes and preserved wealth.

Investment advice

Knowing what to do with your money can be difficult, and understanding how to invest it is even more so. By utilising industry knowledge and researching trends, investment managers work with you to offer a wide range of investments, , whether that be through a general investment account, an investment ISA, a trust, a family investment company or a pension wrapper. In short, financial advisors can help you manage your money in the most effective and efficient way possible. The experienced investment team at Raymond James Monument can invest in all different types of investments such as, direct equities, passive tracker funds, investment trusts and actively managed unit trusts in order to try and access the best opportunities for their clients’ specific needs.

Risk management

Investment markets can be volatile, so having someone to help navigate you through the ups and downs – makes sense, right? An integral part of financial advice is helping you understand the potential  risks and returns you could expect, and Raymond James Monument’s investment managers do this by staying ahead of financial trends, understanding investments and keeping a close eye on the market. They do all of this, so you don’t have to.


  • Gary Fawcett, branch principal and Chartered wealth manager


Managing cashflow

With the uncertainties and complexities of life, understanding cashflow is crucial to any business. Raymond James Monument’s financial planners help business owners understand how much cash they actually have, and how much capital they may need for the future. This is particularly helpful for planning ahead or when looking to sell your business.

Planning ahead

Overall, financial advisors are there to help business owners and entrepreneurs look after their cash for the future, whether that’s fora business sale, retirement or transitioning ownership to the next generation. It’s key for business owners to understand their options when the time comes to exit, and to ensure they can afford to do so.


For more information about Raymond James, Monument, and how its expert team could help map your financial future, email [email protected], call 0191 303 4260, or contact us via our website.

Any opinion or forecast reflects the judgment as at the date of issue and is subject to change without notice. This commentary is intended for information purposes only and no action should be taken, or refrained from being taken, as a consequence without consulting a suitably qualified and regulated person. With investing, your capital is at risk.  Tax treatment depends on an individual’s circumstances, which may be subject to change.


Banner picture – left to right: Rob Brotherton, Chartered wealth manager – financial planning; Gary Fawcett, branch principal and Chartered wealth manager; James Carrick, Chartered wealth manager – investments.

April 10, 2024

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