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Take a dive into the minds of the extraordinary and fearless

Hosted by managing partner Gill Hunter, Square One Law’s Fear Less, Do More podcast airs every Thursday, featuring community leaders and individuals from the world of business, offering a unique insight into their lives as they share how they have pursued their passions and overcome setbacks and challenges, both professionally and personally.

Series Three of Square One Law’s podcast, Fear Less, Do More continues with trailblazing duo Chloë Clover and partner Lou Tonner, the CEO and COO of Middlesbrough’s multi-award winning content marketing agency Wander Films. Founded in 2018 after the couple had made the decision to buy a one-way ticket to Australia, Wander has redefined social media marketing for companies across the region, if not the globe. Thankfully, rather than continue to wander themselves, Chloë and Lou decided to bring their content agency back to Teesside, ignoring the lure of London or Manchester to help drive positive change and create opportunities in the Tees Valley.

Watch Chloë and Lou’s episode below…

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From politicians to entrepreneurs, solicitors to community leaders, the series so far has treated us to some incredibly powerful and impassioned episodes. Since recording her episode, Kim McGuinness, of course, has been elected as the first Mayor of the North East, whilst Sarah Green, Chief Executive at Newcastle Gateshead Initiative, had us beaming with pride and brimming with hope as she spoke with such enthusiasm about the region’s future.

“I love the region. I just think this is the best place in the world, I do, I really do. And I think one of the most special things about this place is I know that loads of people watching this or listening to this who are from the region will completely agree with me. We’re so proud of it.”

“And the amazing thing is, I do genuinely think that this region and Newcastle in particular, we’re on the cusp of something.”

We also enjoyed a fascinating insight into the mind of innovator and serial entrepreneur Ian Brown, whose company Chestnut Bio has almost limitless potential in the plastics industry, offering a biodegradable alternative that could make a vast, and hugely positive, difference. And last week we heard from the wonderfully ebullient Nicolina Andall, whose advocacy for ED&I has inspired and empowered countless women and ethnic minorities to become influential voices in boardrooms throughout the country.

“We can edit our lives to be good or bad. It’s always a non balance thing when you look backwards. But everything is a stepping stone, so I think the secret to my happiness is remembering the compliments and forgetting the criticism, but also being gently delusional, but delusional with purpose.

Yet what unites all these individuals, apart from their positivity and passion, is just how normal and unassuming they are. From Kim’s love of dog walks to Sarah’s addiction to “junk” from charity shops, they do not pretend to know all the answers or live their lives any differently. All have suffered setbacks and disappointments, made mistakes and overcome moments of doubt, but crucially they have also grabbed the opportunities that have come their way and, in the words of Nicolina, have tried to “be the best that they can be”.

So whether you are seeking inspiration or guidance, or just want to find out what makes some of the region’s most pioneering individuals tick, prepare to feel invigorated by those who dare to fear less and do more.

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May 17, 2024

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