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July 19, 2019

A new investment management team, led by Richard and Jane MacAlister, has strengthened Cardale Asset Management’s presence in the North East. Steven Hugill meets the couple to learn more about their plans for the venture

Cardale Asset Management has appointed a highly-experienced team to lead its investment management business expansion in the North East.

Drawing on a combined 50 years industry knowledge, Richard and Jane MacAlister are using their expertise to provide specialist support and trusted advice to high net worth individuals, charities and pension funds.

The move is an integral part of Harrogate-based Cardale’s growth strategy and will see Richard and Jane grow lasting relationships while maintaining the company’s touchstone of delivering superior investment performance alongside the highest levels of service.

Richard and Jane are combining time in the Harrogate office alongside their Newcastle base, but are fully mobile across the North East. In time, the plan is to set up a regional base and recruit staff to further strengthen the firm’s provision in the area.

Associate director Richard says he is delighted to be working for such a progressive business, adding he is relishing the opportunity to continue Cardale’s commitment to provide solutions that suit clients’ long-term interests.

“Cardale is a very good firm and an excellent solution for me and the clients I’ve looked after for the last two or three decades.

“I’ve been in investment management for well over 30 years and I have looked after most of my clients for at least 20 years, if not more. They are a lot more than clients; if they weren’t friends to start with, they’ve certainly become good friends over the years, and I am very loyal to them.”

“When you are used to analysing companies to invest in for clients and you come across a company like Cardale, you recognise what is good about it,” adds Richard, whose previous experience includes leading a team looking after institutional clients such as large endowed charity funds and defined benefit pension schemes.

“The majority of Cardale’s employees own shares in the company, which enables it to retain excellent staff.”

“It offers a dynamic view on how to manage investments; it is a business built on getting performance for clients.”

Jane, who is a private client executive, agrees, reiterating Cardale’s reputation as an organisation noted for putting clients’ interests first.

She also highlights its joined-up managerial approach, which allows the business to complement its investment management offering with stockbroking and financial planning services, to function more efficiently.

“Getting to know clients really well, understanding their personal interests and making sure they are looked after is the most important thing we can do,” says Jane. “Cardale is careful to ensure that each investment manager looks after an appropriate number of clients, in order that they can achieve this.”

“I also really like that senior management sits with the teams here. There isn’t a layer of bureaucracy, the senior team is experiencing the day-to-day issues and can see the benefits of changing things,” adds Jane, who worked within investment management until late 2014 before taking a career break. She joined Cardale in early 2019.

“This united approach”, says Richard, “is augmented by Cardale’s strength as a business.”

“The profession has changed significantly in recent years with the implementation of a much stronger regulatory framework which we must operate within. Cardale have proactively adapted to these changes with a forward-thinking approach and a robust governance structure.”

“It is a very efficiently run firm with in excess of £1billion of funds under management. Unlike most comparable investment management companies, all its administration and back office functions are in-house, allowing very tight control on processes and procedures.”

“Cardale is able to manage investments nimbly and quickly, which means it provides excellent performance for clients. They have some real direct equity research expertise and can invest directly into individual companies, whereas there has been a move across the larger firms to concentrate on investing in other fund managers who do that business for them.”

“These are exciting times for us,” adds Jane. “There is a real buzz around Cardale and we are looking forward to contributing to the firm’s continued success and growth.”

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