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Q&A with Amazing Jane

Start-up activewear brand Amazing Jane has been set up by two exercise pros-come entrepreneurs – Deb de Luen and Claire Goodliff. The pair have developed a British-designed range of activewear that is designed to help overcome common barriers to exercise. Inspired by the science of Enclothed Cognition, they champion the fact that what you wear influences how you feel and if you’re in the right mindset to exercise, then this is a positive step to leading an active lifestyle. Deb and Claire speak to North East Times

What is the most rewarding aspect of running an independent business in the region?

Being able to work with other independent businesses in the area is a great way for us all to support each other as we start and grow our businesses. Eventually we aim to create flexible jobs for women in our area, particularly those who need flexibility around the normal 9 – 5 working hours due to childcare or other family commitments.

And the most challenging?

Finding manufacturers in the North East was a challenge to begin with, however it has also opened new opportunities to work closer with and provide more business to those in the region who we have established and built relationships with.

What do you like most about living & working in the North East?

The North East is a vibrant place to be for any start up business with many initiatives available to help people get their dreams off the ground. There is also a strong community spirit up here, full of people with immense talent and shared ambitions for growth, that I haven’t seen anywhere else. As for living in the North East, there really is no other place like it!

Talk us through your career highlights?

With a combined experience of 45 years in the fitness industry between us (Claire Goodliff and Debra de Luen) there have been many highlights. Being awarded Ladies Only Health Club of the year when I (Debra de Luen) ran my women’s gyms – winning several times over was an amazing experience, and bringing over one thousand people to Northumbria University for the first North East based fitness convention was one of the highlights that stand out the most for us.

What advice would you give those with a business idea?

Speak to the right people, surround yourself with a team of local talent, listen to your instincts and be tenacious.