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The Marketing Meetup: Mychael Owen

The Newcastle Marketing Meetup is an informal, friendly place for the marketers of Newcastle to meet, learn, and share knowledge with one another. This month’s guest speaker is Mychael Owen, founder at mychael. Hear more from Mychael at the event on June 28

Please introduce yourself?

These days, I work as an independent Brand and Business Strategist.

And lead a couple of brands that I myself own.

When consulting, I work with unquestionably brilliant businesses.

Businesses that – somehow – don’t get noticed, remembered and chosen as much as they should.

I fix that.

Tell us about mychael?

‘mychael’ work currently takes me to Northern Ireland, Wales, Manchester, London and Singapore.

I ask ‘why?’ a lot. And I (mostly) work towards developing a joined-up set of bespoke, easy-use brand, marketing, messaging and design strategies.

Then show people how to use them.

What is your short and long-term ambition?

Short term for me. Embed with 3 great clients. Each for 12 months minimum. Each for 2 to 6 days every month. I’m doing that.

Short term for them. Get clients to be braver. And more interesting. Most businesses are utterly boring.

Long term for me. Keep learning by doing – my brands and their brands. Convert a church in 2023.

Long term for them. Grow in-house knowledge and (sometimes) capability. Always includes optimising (or removing) agency relationships.

How do you build a brand with purpose?

The question assumes far too much for me to answer wholly.

That said, a simple way to explore one small part of this oft-over referenced landscape is to ask not what a business ‘does’ – but what it is ‘for’.

What is your best piece of advice to a marketer navigating the changing landscape?

Get an opinion. Then don’t just tell me how good you are. Show me.


Find further information & tickets to The Marketing Meetup IRL here –

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