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HR&D Awards – Meet the Partners: TDR Training Ltd

Sponsoring the HR&D ‘Excellence in Apprenticeships’ award is training provider TDR Training Ltd. Through apprenticeships and training schemes, Newcastle based TDR Training offers skills development programmes to enhance, upskill and retrain to meet future business needs. North East Times sat down with TDR Training to discuss their partnership with the HR&D Awards, and the significance of apprenticeships in the world of people practices.



What motivated you to become a sponsorship partner of the 2024 HR&D Awards?

TDR Training Ltd is proud to be a sponsorship partner of the 2024 HR&D Awards, for the Excellence in Apprenticeships category. Our motivation stems from a deep commitment to excellence in Training and Apprenticeship. We recognise the importance of acknowledging and celebrating outstanding achievements in these fields, as they align closely with our core values and mission. By sponsoring in this award, we aim to support and inspire continued innovation and progress within the HR&D community, reflecting our dedication to fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement in professional development.

How do you support professional development opportunities for your employees?

At TDR Training Ltd, we are committed to fostering an environment where professional development and career growth are not just encouraged but actively pursued. We offer a range of opportunities including specialised training programs, mentorship, and access to industry work experience and factory tours. Our employees have individual development plans, ensuring personalised career paths aligned with both their professional goals and company objectives. Regular performance reviews and feedback sessions are conducted to identify growth areas and opportunities. We also support continuing education and skill enhancement through sponsorship of courses and certifications, demonstrating our investment in our team’s continuous development and success.

As a sponsor, what impact do you hope to make in celebrating and promoting excellent people practices within the industry?

As a sponsor, TDR Training Ltd aims to champion and elevate the standards of excellence in people practices within the training and apprenticeship industry. Our goal is to spotlight and celebrate innovative approaches to training, mentorship, and talent development. By doing so, we hope to inspire organisations to adopt and refine practices that prioritise effective learning, skills enhancement, and career progression for apprentices and trainers alike. We believe that by acknowledging and promoting these exemplary practices, we can contribute to a culture of continuous professional development, ultimately enriching the industry and enhancing the quality and impact of training and apprenticeships.

As a sponsorship partner of the Excellence in Apprenticeships Award, why is this important in people practices and business?

As a sponsorship partner of the Excellence in Apprenticeships Award, TDR Training Ltd recognises the vital role apprenticeships play in shaping skilled professionals and contributing to business growth. This partnership highlights our commitment to fostering a skilled workforce, promoting hands-on learning, and bridging the skills gap in the industry. It’s important for people practices as it underscores the value of investing in emerging talent and supports the creation of inclusive, opportunity-rich pathways for career development. For businesses, it’s crucial in driving innovation, ensuring a steady influx of fresh ideas and practical skills essential for staying competitive in today’s dynamic market.

If you are interested in the sponsorship opportunities and would like to become a partner of the HR&D Awards, please contact:
Lesley – [email protected] / 07748 908058
Dawn – [email protected] / 07789 666437

March 20, 2024

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