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Delivering talent at all levels

People are central to any business’ success, and helping firms secure the workers they need to thrive is specialist recruitment and outsourced talent services partner Jackson Hogg. Known for providing recruitment, HR, Talent Partnerships and training services to businesses across STEM-driven sectors, it is now rolling out JH Industrial to better connect companies and the temporary labour market. Here, Steven Hugill speaks to Matthew Robertson, associate director – operations and engineering, and Jake Richardson, head of operations and supply chain, to find out more.


How do you define a business?

Is it through market-leading products or a geographical breadth of service?

Is it strong financial management and a commitment to continued innovation?

Is it robust environmental, social and governance policy? 

In truth, all are crucial components in creating – and sustaining – a successful organisation.

But there’s another, more eminently valuable, mechanism that truly delineates a business: its people. 

From overseeing the smooth running of day-to-day operations to sparking invention and cultural progression, employees are the lynchpin around which every firm moves forward.

And helping organisations access the staff they need to maintain their momentum is specialist recruitment and outsourced talent services partner Jackson Hogg.

Reputed for providing recruitment, HR, Talent Partnerships and training services to businesses across STEM-driven sectors, the firm operates as a trusted, permanent ally in an ever-changing employment world.

And its offer is growing stronger still with JH Industrial. 

A conduit between companies and the temporary labour market, the venture helps businesses find staff, from production line operators to CNC fabricators and platers, and myriad roles between.

Central to its operation is Jackson Hogg’s extensive client list and STEM sector knowledge, which it is using to pair employers, such as manufacturers, engineers, oil and gas operators, distributors and food producers, with the right employees.

“There is a big gap in the market for a high-end, service-led offering,” says Matthew Robertson, associate director – operations and engineering.

“And that is what we are providing with JH Industrial.

“We have the talent ready to go; we’re able to supply one person through the tens to 100.

“If a business needs sickness cover, or a worker doesn’t arrive for a shift, we can act the same day.

“Similarly, if a firm needs 20 staff for the next week, we’re able to do that too,” says Matthew, who leads JH Industrial alongside Jake Richardson, the firm’s head of operations and supply chain.

He adds: “But what is equally beneficial for companies is that we are geared to do it all. 

“Our infrastructure and set-up is well established; we have in-house compliance specialists and a strong internal audit system and payroll capabilities, which provides a comprehensive service and takes the burden away from clients.”

The rich talent pool to which Matthew refers is born from Jackson Hogg’s wider commitment to people and their progression, a pledge bound in an internal mantra that attests ‘everyone deserves to love what they do’.

And with such sentiment at its core, Matthew says the personal connections forged between the business and both companies and candidates is allowing it to piece the recruitment puzzle together with much greater perception.

“We are really close to the communities in which we work, and creating opportunities for people to return to employment is very satisfying,” says Matthew, whose JH Industrial team also includes Jaymie Barry, senior consultant – temporary operations and supply chain; Mathew Johnson, team leader industrial; and contract and finance co-ordinator Suzanne Lowes.

He says: “And we’re proud to be providing a better service.

“There are a lot of agencies delivering temporary labour to the market, but our offer differs significantly because we put the people element into recruitment.

“Because of COVID-19, things, for some, became more transactional.

“But we’re out on-site with clients, and we make candidates feel they’re more than a number and are a part of the business and culture they’re entering.”

Jake adds: “The fact we meet them provides a level of value they’ve probably never experienced from other agencies.”

And while benefiting clients and candidates, Matthew and Jake say the endeavour – which carries a Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority licence to work across the food and packaging industries, in the process opening up potential further markets – will significantly supplement Jackson Hogg’s sister operations. 

Jake says: “Clients who already rely on our expert support to find permanent workers know how we operate, and they know they will get the same high levels of service when looking for temporary labour.”

Matthew says: “We’re building on what Jackson Hogg already provides, with JH Industrial helping create an end-to-end talent business.

“We’ve already started growing our team to help more clients, and are looking to further expand across the coming months.

“We’re beginning with a North East focus, but we have a view to go national.

“We know our clients and we know their cultures, and by switching their searches for temporary staff to JH Industrial, not only do they strengthen the quality of such, but they also gain valuable consistency across all recruitment formats.”

He adds: “We’re keen to speak to more businesses about their needs and challenges, to create real solutions and partnerships that unlock potential through people.”