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Staying in control of your business – learn more on March 28

An event led by leading advisory firms Perspective (North East) Ltd, Weightmans LLP and RMT Accountants & Business Advisers will highlight the importance of shareholder protection, and how it can help you retain authority of your business following the loss of a commercial partner.

Market-leading products. Check.

A skilled and motivated team. Check.

A robust balance sheet. Check.

Strong marketing and PR support. Check.

Shareholder protection…

It may not immediately seem a priority on the tick list for success, but guarding against the sudden loss or incapacity of a senior leader is crucial to any business’ future.

Would you want your next business partner to be your current business partner’s widow, widower, children or professional adviser?

Picture the scene.

Your long-time business partner has died and, with no shareholder protection policy in place, their family has taken on day-to-day responsibilities.

Would you want to work with your ex-partner’s widow, children or someone they seek to appoint to act on their behalf, who could assume greater control of your venture and even sell it to a competitor?

Are you willing to apply such risk to an endeavour you have spent years nurturing?

The above scenarios may seem hypothetical, but without the appropriate governing documents in place, such as a shareholder agreement, articles of association – including your requirements – up-to-date wills aligned with your requirements, an option agreement (a double and single option where appropriate) and shareholder protection policies, together with the appropriate trusts, they can quickly turn into reality.

By ensuring a framework is in place, however, you – and any additional partners and directors – can retain authority.

To highlight the importance of shareholder protection and explain more about how to avoid serious disruption to your business, Newcastle and Darlington-based financial planning and wealth management firm Perspective (North East) Ltd is running a seminar with law firm Weightmans LLP and RMT Accountants & Business Advisers.

Held in association with North East Times Magazine, the event will provide expert guidance on areas including succession planning, document preparation, and wills and lasting power of attorney.

Speakers will include Ian Wilkinson, managing director of Perspective (North East) Ltd, who will provide essential background information on shareholder protection and provide case study examples.

Duncan Reid, partner in Weightmans LLP’s corporate team, and Louise Miller, partner in the firm’s wills, trusts and estates team, will talk about company and personal documentation.

Rachel Warriner, associate director in RMT Accountants & Business Advisers’ corporate tax team, will address delegates on the ways to prepare an organisation for sale, with Julie Cuthbertson, manager in RMT’s corporate finance team, providing insight on how to value a company.

The event will take place at The Common Room, in Newcastle, from 8.30am until 10am on Tuesday, March 28, with breakfast served from 8am.

For more information, and to book your place, click here