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Taking innovation to the root: Vertical farming

Innovation and diversification are rooted in the success of Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd, the Bishop Auckland-based industry leader whose main output is the production of vacuum formed plastic parts on a regional, national and international scale.


The ethos at the heart of Plastic Mouldings Northern is ‘we never stand still’.

And the industry innovator has benefited from high growth by leveraging its collaborative and innovative capabilities, alongside assessing new market opportunities.

Its recent foray into a new and diverse sector has seen it collaborate with dynamic and forward-thinking horticultural engineering specialists in producing hydroponic trays (a vital piece of equipment for sustainable growth systems) for one of the UK’s largest vertical farms.

Vertical farming is one of the most innovative solutions for lowering the amount of energy, space and water needed to grow food.

Using the latest hydroponic systems and LED technology, crops are grown year-round in a perfect, pesticide-free environment using 100 per cent renewable energy.

Thanks to a controlled environment, each tiny leaf tastes as good as the last, with greens unaffected by the weather and seasonal changes.

And thanks to prime urban locations unseen in farming before, there is no need to import crops.

Freddy Bourdais, Plastic Mouldings Northern co-founder, says: “We’ve successfully supported the delivery of a fully operational and automated facility, taking the practice to a whole new level.

“This has resulted in the ultimate climate-controlled grow system.”