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Approval for £78 million Landmark Power Holdings’ Peterlee carbon capture plant

Plans for a £78 million County Durham carbon capture and conversion factory have been approved.

Landmark Power Holdings has secured backing to build a plant in Peterlee, east Durham.

Bosses say the base – described as “one of the first of its type in the world” will convert carbon into food grade CO2, which is used to add sparkle to drinks and retain freshness in perishable goods.

Earmarked for an area known as Mill Hill, on Peterlee’s North West Industrial Estate, the ten-job factory – which will also create solid state carbon – could begin operations in 2024.



Landmark Power Holdings has worked with Hexham’s Hedley Planning Services on the venture.

Sean Hedley, managing director of Hedley Planning Services [pictured, above], said: “Developing carbon capture facilities, such as Mill Hill, is important if we are to meet our commitment to solving the climate crisis.

“Carbon capture, utilisation and storage is critical for not only meeting the country’s statutory emissions reduction targets, but those right across the UK.

“And it signals another exciting new industry for the birthplace of the first Industrial Revolution.”