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Hoults Yard’s own ‘repair shop’ to the rescue

When Hoults Yard projects chief Mark Coulter needed a new spire for the landmark Clock Tower within his business hub, he knew exactly who to ask.

Studio Cabinets are the Yard’s longest-serving tenants, having opened their workshop back in the early 1990s. Most of their work is creating bespoke home furniture and restoring old furniture, but Mark turned to the Yard’s own ‘Repair Shop’ once realising the dire state of the Clock Tower’s signature spire.

“We’re lucky to have him on the Yard – he’s a true craftsman, a one-off, and also a lovely guy.  He’d be great on The Repair Shop and that’s how we often use him on the Yard,” said Mark.

The roof of the Victorian-era Clock Tower was being repaired when the condition of the spire gave cause for concern. More than 150 years of standing proud over Hoults Yard had taken its toll, and the wood was rotten inside and out.

“It was a bit of a mess,” said Ian Loudfoot, owner of Studio Cabinets. “It was a restoration rather than a replacement, but it took a lot of work. A lot of the wood had just rotted away so I spliced in new wood and then worked it into the right shape.

“Because it was the spire, the rest of the roof couldn’t be finished until I’d completed the work so there was a bit of pressure.

“The whole piece had to be stabilised first as it was soft in the middle, so to dry it out we left it in the boiler house for a few days. I then filled the whole structure with glue, working on it, shaping it after the glue had dried, and then starting again. I had to be very patient and it took about three weeks to complete from start to finish.

“It was interesting work and it was great to feel you were adding something to the unique nature of the Yard. Most of our work is creating bespoke home furniture like radiator cabinets and repairing furniture, but every now and again we’ll be asked to do something like this and we’re only too happy to help,” Ian said.

Mark added: “The restored spire will soon be back in place and we’re delighted with the work Ian has done.”

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