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Materials Processing Institute launches three-year hydrogen fuel project

A research and innovation base has launched a project aimed at delivering a greener industrial future.

The Materials Processing Institute is analysing hydrogen’s potential as a fuel source across various commercial sectors.

Working with Trent Refractories and Kanthal, bosses say the three-year programme will look at hydrogen’s effect on heat-resistant materials used to make linings for iron and steelmaking furnaces, crucibles, ladles and kilns.

The Materials Processing Institute, based on the outskirts of Middlesbrough, will also test the tolerance of electrical elements – designed by Kanthal – to hydrogen’s high heating values.

Chris McDonald, Material Processing Institute’s chief executive, said the project carries great potential.

He said: “The results could have far-reaching effects given the range of industries that depend on refractory solutions, such as iron and steel, aluminium, glass, power generation, petrochemicals, chemicals and cement.

“It is crucial we assess how hydrogen is used to help deliver long-term solutions that shape and support the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy.”

Katy Moss, Trent Refractories’ managing director, added: “It means a lot to be part of the solutions that enable our foundation industries not only to survive but to sustainably thrive.”