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New tool will help reduce water and energy bills

Northumbrian Water has introduced a brand-new tool that could help to significantly reduce customers annual water and energy bills.

The water company has devised the new online water efficiency calculator, which will show customers how much water they are using and where they could make the biggest savings.

On average, customers within the North East currently use 166 litres of water per person per day – which is the equivalent of 3,029 bathtubs a year for an average household.

However, the water company has created the new calculator as part of it’s net-zero mission to reduce the consumption to an average of 118 litres by 2040.

Customers will fill in a short questionnaire about their usage before being shown how a full breakdown of their household water and energy usage.

The new tool will provide users with a full personalised report which shows them exactly where they are using the most water and gives tips on how to reduce this easily, based on the answers they submit.

They will then be given a checklist which clearly shows the amount of money that can be saved by carrying out each action.

Tim Wagstaff,  Water Efficiency Manager at Northumbrian Water, said: “We’re now at the time of year where bills will start landing on doorsteps and we are all looking at what we can do to save those pennies.

“This new tool is a great way to make an instant saving. It tells customers exactly what they need to do and which areas they need to focus on in order to get those water and energy bills down.

“Although everyone wants to reduce their outgoings, there is also a huge environmental benefit of using the calculator.

“We’re now more aware than ever about the impact of climate change, and by reducing our water and energy usage, we can help to protect our water resources for generations to come.”

To find out how much you can save, please go to