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North East renewable energy supplier set to disrupt the utilities market

A renewable energy supplier has launched in the North East, with the hopes of sparking a ‘smart energy revolution’ that will help consumers save both money and the planet.

Newcastle-based energy supplier Green hopes to disrupt the utilities market by offering consumers competitive tariffs on energy from 100% sustainable sources, including wind, solar and hydro.

Green is hopeful that its modern approach will appeal to consumers who are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to purchasing their energy and moving away from fossil fuels to more sustainable sources.

The business also puts technology at the forefront of everything they do, offering a range of high-tech smart tariffs and apps that allow consumers to manage their energy usage at the touch of a button.

Their tools — which are developed in house — will give customers the option to access real-time forecasts and insights and switching tariffs with ease, and they can also make payments through the app using Google and Apple pay.

The creation of the new app has also helped the company reduce its overall running costs, allowing the business to pass these savings on to customers via competitive tariffs. Thousands of customers have already made the switch within the first month of operations.

Steven Redmayne, operations director at Green, said: “We know that action-based technology with the functionality to complete purchases via buy-buttons is rapidly changing the way we communicate.

“We believe our tool will help consumers buy and manage their energy supply, giving them a much clearer picture of how they can make informed choices to cut costs and save each month.”

The development of the app will lead to the creation of a number of new jobs at the Core in Newcastle City Centre, and Green already have more plans in place for rapid expansion as more consumers opt to switch to their platform.

Mr Redmayne added: “As a North East business, we are delighted to be launching this new technology here in our region and creating jobs as a result.

“As an accredited employer displaying the Living Wage Employer Mark, we are firmly committed to providing all of our people with the relevant training and development needs as we look to grow our business.”