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North East Solar launches recruitment drive to meet renewables demand

A renewable energy operator is creating jobs to meet rising demand.

North East Solar plans to recruit installation, administration and sales staff to satisfy households’ appetite for greener power.

The Gateshead firm, overseen by technical director Andrew Clough [pictured, below, left], already employs seven installers, but wants more staff amid projections the UK solar power market will grow by more than five per cent annually over the coming five years.



Bosses say they will take on workers across the next six months.

Peter Conroy [pictured, above, right], an investor in the business, said: “North East sales of solar panels are on the rise as property owners see them as an attractive, cost-effective alternative to traditional power supplies.

“We employ our own dedicated specialists, who provide a transparent, high-quality and direct installation service.

“We also use specialist software to survey properties remotely, providing customers with even more value before we visit their properties.”