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PHS Home Solutions wins £7 million Bernicia greener property deal

A renewable energy systems firm has secured a £7 million contract to upgrade hundreds of properties.

PHS Home Solutions is working with housing association Bernicia.

Bosses say the two-year partnership will see nearly 900 properties fitted with new insulation, heat pumps and solar panels.

Michael Pallister, operations director at Houghton-le-Spring-based 0800 Repair, which is the customer-facing brand of PHS Home Solutions, said: “We are immensely proud to be working with Bernicia to deliver this contract.

“It will improve people’s homes and make a real difference to the quality of their lives.

“Some homes may have up to six or seven energy efficiency measures taken, others maybe two or three.

“We will be looking at the whole house and arriving at the best energy solution for that house.”

The contract is part of a Bernicia target to make 90 per cent of its housing stock SAP C energy efficiency rated by 2025-2026 – five years ahead of the Government’s target.

Sharon Brookes, Bernicia head of asset and retrofit, added: “We are committed to investing £70 million into wider major improvement works in our homes and communities – and the partnership with PHS is great news for tenants.

“It builds upon our continued investment in measures which improve the energy and environmental performance of our tenants’ homes, helping to keep them warmer while cutting their energy bills and reducing carbon emissions.”