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‘Roll of dice’ pays off as Durham’s Apex Core wins lucrative London deal

A utility cupboard maker has praised its “roll of the dice” after securing a major contract.

Apex Core has sent 75 prefabricated units to London’s R8 King’s Cross residential and office development.

Bosses at the Durham City business say the deal is a “major win” that vindicates a pandemic pivot and puts it at the heart of a rapidly growing area of construction.

The company was formed three years ago, when Apex Wiring Solutions owners Dave and Mike Lewis spent more than £500,000 to create a factory within its headquarters.

Now employing more than 50 people, the venture has made and delivered nearly 6500 cupboards, which are used to house heating, ventilation, electrical, communication and metering apparatus. 



Paul Hopps, Apex Core sales director [pictured, above], said: “Apex rolled the dice when investing in the Core business in 2020, but we recognised there was an appetite for products that helped evolve the construction industry and it is certainly doing that.

“Modular solutions offer so much to an industry still catching up after the impact of the pandemic.

“They’re faster to install, promote distanced working, arrive ready to simply ‘plug in’ and offer the simplicity most tradesmen crave.”

Dave, Apex Wiring Solutions’ managing director, added: “As we bounce back economically, these Core units meet the absolute fundamental need constructors are demanding; they save time, manpower, reduce waste and increase safety.

“We build them to the exacting specifications of clients, sometimes even housing washing machines, dishwashers – anything the customer requires.”