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Build & Sustainability

TGA Consulting Engineers supports Durham University’s decarbonisation plans

A low-carbon design firm is helping bolster a university’s green credentials.

TGA Consulting Engineers is developing heat decarbonisation plans for Durham University.

The company is analysing the institution’s theology and history departments, Hatfield College buildings, Bede Chapel and Southend House, which will support a funding bid to deliver upgrades.

TGA, which has bases in Durham and Newcastle, is also working on a project to replace Bede Chapel’s boiler plant.

Dr David Warwick, TGA’s technical director and head of the building performance team [pictured above, left], said: “We are working with the university to identify what needs to be done.

“This involves the preparation of concept level designs, together with heat decarbonisation plans, that the university will use to support its bids and further redevelopment or refurbishment works.

“We combine an ability to undertake thermal modelling and associated analysis with that of designing and integrating the appropriate technologies into existing buildings.

“This process is particularly challenging in historic buildings because it is more difficult to improve the performance of the building envelope to the degree required to make certain technologies viable, as well as trying to do so without damaging the historic building fabric or detracting from its aesthetic qualities.

“This is, however, one of our key strengths.”

Tom Bray, senior energy manager in the university’s energy and sustainability team [pictured above, right], added: “TGA is very well acquainted with our estate.

“We have 350 buildings and, as a result of TGA’s work, we will know what to do in the future and how to tackle areas where we need to become more energy efficient.

“This is very much a conceptual study and will help facilitate decarbonisation in the future – a key stage in our journey to carbon-zero.”