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15 years of CPI in the North East

The CPI is celebrating 15 years of innovation in the North East, having delivered on projects in a range of markets including pharmaceuticals, agritech, automotive, energy and aerospace.

Since 2004, the company has created more than 400 local jobs and is regarded as centre of excellence.

Building on the existing capabilities of the North East, the CPI has now delivered over 1700 public and private research and development projects with a value of around £500 million.

This has supported productivity in a number of key UK industries from big pharma to multinational manufacturing and even start-ups and SMEs.

The CPI provides access to advanced and industry-relevant facilities. It is though that companies who have worked with them have gone on to secure over £750 million of private investment.

Nigel Perry, chief executive officer, CPI said, “Every stakeholder has contributed to the success of CPI over the last 15 years. We learn so much from both our big and small customers, and in doing so we build a capability which is of a greater value.

“Our staff are also brilliant, they address each new challenge with a level of innovation, inventiveness, enthusiasm, competence and capability. CPI is where it is today because of the desire of the people involved to make it a success.

“In the next 15 years we will continue to develop and grow, bringing the benefit of university research to the UK.”