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Collaboration supports healthcare sector with modular laboratory solution

A group of companies operating in the healthcare sector have combined their expertise to create a new, rapidly deployable laboratory and test facility solution for applications such as COVID-19 testing and vaccinations.

Newcastle-based Modular Security Solutions has worked with Oldham-based Plasma Clean on the containerised, self-cleaning high security laboratory.

Steri-Pod features UVC (Ultraviolet C) germicidal irradiation technology developed by Plasma Clean. This provides 24-hour protection at a rate of 99.99 per cent against coronaviruses, bacteria, spores and fungi.

The unit is the first of its kind to use ultraviolet germicidal irradiation.

It can be mounted on walls and ceilings and uses UVC germicidal lamps to eliminated airborne microbes.

This ensures that Steri-Pod can offer 24-hour disinfection without the use of cleaning chemicals, which can potentially be harmful to the environment.

In creating Steri-Pod, Modular Security Solutions has blended the convenience of an iso container with security and hygiene.

The company’s high security composite panels are used to line out the container, creating a secure envelope and giving it a high level of resistance to attack and forced entry.

Mark Sutherland, projects director of Modular Security Solutions, said: “We’re delighted to have worked in partnership with Plasma Clean and Beaverfit to bring Steri-Pod to the market.

“Drawing on our extensive experience in high security composite panelling systems and Plasma Clean’s specialist expertise in UVC technology, we’ve designed a solution which has multiple applications for healthcare organisations and the life sciences sector.

“The Steri-Pod has all the convenience of an iso-container, but has the benefits of high security, hygiene, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and fire protection.”

Dr David Glover, founder and technical director of Plasma Clean, said: “It’s been very exciting to work with Modular Security Solutions on creating this practical, ‘self-cleaning’ solution for the healthcare sector – and it’s been particularly pleasing to see the results of our collaboration come to life during the UK’s national lockdown.

“Both ourselves and Modular Security Solutions are innovators in our respective fields, and Steri-Pod is proof that some ‘out of the box’ thinking can lead to a solution capable of rapidly meeting specific technical demands.”