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Echo Events supports critical care nurses with free online learning portal

Echo Events and Association Management has announced a new project with the British Association of Critical Care Nurses (BACCN) to provide online educational resources for nurses being redeployed to critical care areas.

As part of the scheme, Echo Events will extend service hours to take calls on the weekend and deliver round the clock support.

This is part of the Newcastle-based company’s commitment to pull out all the stops to support nurses across the UK during these unprecedented times.

The educational resources will be available on an online portal, which is free to all of those working in critical care at

The portal includes daily updates, training videos and wellbeing tips for nurses.

Echo has been working alongside BACCN for more than five year and in that time has helped grow their membership and annual conference.

The company provides association management services to a number of medical and critical communications organisations like the BACCN.

Company director, Tracey Christy, said: “The BACCN have a pivotal role in providing support for nurses up and down the country and never before has this been more important.

“Echo are proud to be able to work alongside them to provide this online portal and deliver membership support for their 2000+ members.

“Our team have been working tirelessly to get this system up and running as quickly as possible so that nurses have access to these important resources, in particular the training courses that allow those returning to nursing during this crisis to get up to speed on key areas.

“We’re incredibly proud of our staff and the dedication and enthusiasm they have shown in getting this work done to support our frontline NHS staff during the COVID 19 crisis.”