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Fumarii Technologies launches membership scheme to provide better digital access

A venture-backed tech start-up behind a new cloud platform is launching early access memberships.

Fumarii Technologies says its network will help consumers upgrade computers, saving them the cost of purchasing a new device.

The Durham-based company aims to help individuals and small businesses access digital resources that are typically only available to large firms.

From June 18, it is offering a limited number of memberships to those wanting to harness the powerful technology and experience a head-start on the competition.

Liam Gill, company founder and chief executive, said: “Computing is at the core of our society.

“There is no aspect of society – sports, education, music, childcare, driving – that does not use some form of computers.

“We are all familiar, however, with the problems of computing. How many times have you sat at your computer waiting for something to load? When was the last time you thought you may need a new computer but then realised the prices were just far too high?

“We have a grand vision. We are motivated by the knowledge that the problems we are solving are faced by everyone every day.”