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Helix-based North East Innovation Lab hits two-year milestone

A hothouse for healthcare advances has marked an operational milestone by reiterating its commitment to the roll out of next generation treatments.

The North East Innovation Lab has reached its two-year anniversary.

Based at The Biosphere, on Newcastle Helix, the hub is part of Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and is working on projects to develop diagnostics capable of personalising treatment of breast cancer and urinary tract infections.

Its team is also involved in validating an artificial intelligence-based system to help clinicians and scientists identify pathogens such as MRSA.

Since opening, the laboratory has worked with more than 100 test developers and supported in excess of 45 projects with 21 companies, in countries including the UK, US, China and Australia.

Dr John Tyson, Innovation Lab head, said: “We have been able to build on the fast-moving progress and innovation in diagnostics that came through the pandemic, and have expanded our portfolio to include supporting diagnostics across diseases, ranging from sepsis and cancer.

“Our core aim is to accelerate the development of new tests so they are high-quality, convenient and can be widely accessed.

“We have strong expertise in the evaluation of diagnostics and facilitating the accelerated development of innovative products helping them get into wider use.

“Wider access to better tests has the potential to improve patient and population health, while supporting the reduction of health inequalities.”