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Nanovery receives ‘huge milestone’ patent boost for DNA work

A biotechnology firm has hailed a “momentous” landmark in its quest to lead fresh health treatments.

Nanovery says it has secured the UK’s first patent for its DNA nanorobot platform.

The technology simplifies detection of diseases such as cancer, and bosses at the Newcastle Helix start-up are now in talks with “several potential partners” to deliver pilot studies.

Highlighting its potential to accelerate novel medicine development, Dr Mark Chadwick, Nanovery chief executive, said: “It’s fantastic to lead such an innovative organisation, with the potential to deliver significant advances in human healthcare.

“This paves the way for substantial collaborations.”

Dr Jurek Kozyra, Nanovery co-founder, added: “I started Nanovery with a vision to deliver a new diagnostic test that could provide vital information, while being incredibly easy to operate.

“It’s fantastic to see the potential of DNA nanotechnology being realised.

“And with this huge milestone for the company, we are getting closer to fulfilling our mission.”

September 20, 2023

  • Technology

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