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Newcastle’s SalesLynk on growth trail after launch of ‘ground-breaking’ platform

A cybersecurity firm is pressing ahead with job creation plans after launching a “ground-breaking” platform.

SalesLynk says it wants ten staff by the end of the year as it rolls out business intelligence technology.

Aimed at supporting cybersecurity sales teams globally, bosses say the apparatus has potential to transform sales cycles by dramatically reducing manual input.

Led by chief executive Ian Todd, Newcastle-based SalesLynk also includes chief technology officer Alan Easton, who is also boss at Boxmodel, and chair Neil Stephenson, whose CV includes time as Onyx Group chief executive.

Alan said: “A salesperson is often at a substantial disadvantage going into most sales cycles, as the buyer holds a set of preconceived notions, which they will look to validate during initial conversations.

“However, when a SalesLynk user organises a meeting with their client or prospect, they are automatically provided with personal, business, cultural and industry insights of the prospect, from a range of public and proprietary sources.

“The data is aggregated in seconds, displayed intuitively in the platform and needs nothing more than the name, email address and business of the prospect when setting up a meeting.

“SalesLynk is the exact platform they need to improve conversion rates and help their teams win business.”