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North East entrepreneur launches sanitisation business

A North East businessman has launched a new business supplying sanitisation products to the retail, hospitality, education, motorhome and care industries.

Launched earlier this year, Bactalogical is the latest project by Phil White, a former chartered surveyor with 20 years’ experience in the commercial property sector.

Phil’s knowledge of student accommodation, office, retail and industrial units has armed him with knowledge of what these high footfall sectors require from a sanitisation perspective.

Bactalogical has launched a range of alcohol-free, hand and touch point sanitisers that are being bought as firms seek to support the fight against coronavirus.

Phil said: “As sanitisers have become an absolute must have over the course of this year, we are delighted to be able to provide an alcohol free, British lab tested alternative which still kills 99.99 per cent of enveloped viruses and bacteria.

“This makes it an attractive product for businesses, especially those operating in the education and care sectors.

“As it is alcohol free, it has recently been awarded Halal Certification by the Halal Certified Association United Kingdom.”

As businesses continue to emerge from lockdown and reopen to employees, visitors and customers, new and unforeseen issues are arising in relation to water supplies and air conditioning units.

Phil added: “Even though we are providing sanitisation solutions to several sectors, we are absolutely not exempt from the highs and lows of the economy.

“With office space operating at a lower capacity, we are seeing contract cleaners lose work which therefore impacts on suppliers.

“We are determined to keep our eye on the goal and continue supplying those sectors who need our help.”