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Three IT firms merge to form TruStack Ltd.

Three companies are to become one as part of a significant merger in the North East IT services industry.

SITS Group, PCI Services and Pivotal Networks will merge to form TruStack Ltd.

The turnover of the new business will exceed £10 million with significant growth plans in terms of turnover and additional services post merge.

All three companies operate across a multi-sector UK wide client base and provide very similar services, which is why the directors felt a merger would make sense.

They provide services such as cloud computing; network design, implementation and support; data centre services; managed services; unified communications and cybersecurity solutions with a strong emphasis on client retention and customer service.

Existing clients include Muckle LLP, Collingwood Business Solutions LTD and many of the North East’s Top 200 companies.

The directors of TruStack are Joe Olabode, Richard Common, Paul Watson, Phil Cambers, Russell Henderson and Geoff Hodgson.

In a joint statement the directors said: “There is clearly a very similar positive culture between all of the businesses. It makes sense to merge and the joining of the businesses will in turn benefit our loyal and longstanding client base who will get access to an even wider pool of commercial, administrative and technical services.

“We have spent many months performing due-diligence on all sides and we are delighted to announce this merge. We would like to thank all parties involved in making this deal happen, including legal advice from Ward Hadaway and financial advice from Clive Owen and Haines Watts.”