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IPPR asks Boris Johnson to ‘Power up the North’ through devolution

The Northern division of the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has called on Boris Johnson to demonstrate his commitment to ‘Power up the North’ by backing their plan to devolve power to the regions.

Following the new Prime Minister’s ascension, IPPR North has published a key report that sets out how the North can lead the Northern Powerhouse through a number of their recommendations.

Part of the agenda is to develop a Northern industrial strategy as well as taking control of specific economic powers and working towards a devolved council of the North.

The report is published after strong jobs growth in the North in key sectors such as high-tech manufacturing and knowledge intensive business services.

IPPR argue that if the North of England is to tackle future challenges like climate change, automation and an ageing population, then it must take control of its economy with greater decision-making powers from central Government.

They look at countries such as Germany who have more devolved political settlements as evidence of the success devolution could have here.

Luke Raikes, senior research fellow at IPPR North, said: “This country has endured centralised economic policy for decades.

“All our regional economies are broken in their own way, and both London and Northerners have paid the price for this missed opportunity.

“Now is the time to change. The new Prime Minister must urgently deliver on his promises and seize this opportunity to devolve power to the leaders of the North so that they can take charge of the Northern economy.”