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Agilico reiterates jobs pledge after Team Valley office move

A technology company has reaffirmed a jobs commitment after completing an office revamp.

Agilico says it is “looking for individuals who share our passion for technology and sustainability” following the consolidation of two Team Valley bases.

The company earlier this year said it wanted business development, account and finance staff to bolster its headcount.

“The new office provides a more collaborative and cleaner space for those who didn’t have enough room before,” said Warren Colby, who leads the Team Valley site.

 “It’s a step towards fostering a more united, efficient and cohesive workforce, and opens up exciting possibilities for career growth and development in the North East.”

The office changes complement a wider sustainability drive across the information management and telecoms support provider, which aims to become net-zero by 2030.

Warren added: “Not only is it a more energy efficient, economical, brighter building for us, but it combines two sites.

“So, there’s one set of lights, as opposed to two sets across two buildings, and it will help too in fostering that all important sense of collaboration.

“Many of our people are returning to the office environment post-COVID-19, and want to physically collaborate with colleagues.”

Agilico’s investment has been welcomed by the North East England Chamber of Commerce.

John McCabe, the business support organisation’s chief executive, said: “This news is a real testament to the forward-looking vision of the Agilico team.

“They are sustainably growing their business and bringing jobs to the region.”